Apps4Learning is a new concept for the delivery of content and testing tools in the education/learning space. Unlike most Apps, our offerings are web-resident and can be used on any device with a browser by clicking on a URL.

There are no downloads! The only storage required on a device is a URL bookmark for instant access to the App (obviously subject to connectivity either via WiFi or a Mobile network). All mobile device browsers offer a means of placing a Bookmark icon on a device's Home screen to look exactly like any other App.
One of the issues for non-English content is the resource costs if printed books are the means of delivery. That changes fundamentally when using the Apps4learning platform.

Not only does the platform allow the delivery of learning material, we can also provide randomly generated multi-choice questions for non-numerical subjects.

On the numerical front, sums can be set using any one or a combination of the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with the ability to set the numbers between 1 and up to 25. [With just the numbers 1 to 12, there are over 30,000 possible combinations of 20 question worksheets.]
Content authors
Apart from a MathsMaster App which we have developed, our role is primarily to provide a platform for the delivery of learning and/or testing content. A third party author would create the content in an Excel workbook (in a format we would supply) and we would develop the App from that.
There are some very robust figures mentioned for the development of native Apps (ie Android and Apple). These do not apply to our HTML5 offerings.

While every project will be different, provided the content fits our existing structure, our usual minimum single site licence fee of $2,000 (plus GST) would cover the full cost in most cases. This provides a fully encrypted version if any App is to be used for testing (to avoid anyone trying to decipher the code and thereby answers). We could host the App and it would be accessible via a URL containing a login code. [This means than Robots or others snooping, will not be able to see the content.]

For multiple projects, contact us to discuss pricing, the minimum applies to a single project. 
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MathsMaster™ - in use
Te Reo Maths - setup screen
Question & answer - questions set
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